Earn To Die

earn to dieEarn to Die received quite tolerable animation graphics, even though it is executed in the 2D style runner. At the beginning of the game, we receive a small and unpretentious car which should be pumped over to reach the base. It is possible to improve the zombie smashing car both externally (put machine guns, turbines, and other war devices) and internally (pump over the motor and transmission).

Earn To Die Unblocked

earn to die unblockedWith every new level it is more and more difficult to overcome crowds, thus for this purpose, the game gives a choice of 8 various cars, which after full improvement turn into the ideal murder weapons. As for control, everything is just simple: buttons at the left, for car inclination control forward and back, and two buttons on the right, the first one for gas, another for turbine activation. The game turns out to be interesting and capable of tightening player for quite a long period of gameplay. There are two versions of the game, free and paid. I played the second, passing of which gave access to bonus levels.

Earn To Die Games graphics

Now it is time to talk about graphics, music and all the rest. Typical graphics for a flash game, nothing special is present, music isn't really good, ( three or four songs which become extremely boring by the end of the game, so that it was necessary to simply switch off music and to leave only sound effects in the form of growl of the zombie, sounds of the motor and breaking boards. Without music, the game becomes more attractive. The physics in game precisely didn't pump up, barricades break as realistic, zombies scatter effectively, cars drive just add needed in driving spirit. To be brief, playing this game will remain you happy. We wish you pleasant pastime.


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Raze 2

raze 2 unblocked

    About Raze 2 Unblocked Battle against Aliens, Robots, and Zombies in this futuristic fight for the survival of earth. Or be the enemies and fight for the destruction of it. As the above lines says it all, you can be Zombie and fight for the destruction of earth or either be a nice person and save the earth, fight for its peoples and kill the Zombies. Raze 2 have tons of level in which you have to fight till the end, First one is tutorial and is quite easy. The three levels of beginning are very easy but as you move on the toughness increases after all it is all about death and survival. In this game you have many choices of weapons,…

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Zombocalypse Unblocked The Zombocalypse unblocked is a fascinating diversion about marathon survival in light of the fact that the amusement depends on the Ironzilla session of the arrangement. It is a standout amongst the most cleaned amusements presented with loads of engaging components. With the assistance of the left and right development, you can keep the hordes of zombies at the bay by trimming off their heads. You can utilize fire forces, and military supplies tumbled from the sky. It is unrealistic to store weapons; in this way, you can simply discharge them until the clasp ends up plainly void. The Zombocalypse By Armor Games is without a doubt an intriguing diversion in regards to marathon survival since the amusement depends on the Ironzilla amusement…

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Earn To Die 2012 Unblocked

earn to die 2012 unblocked

Earn To Die 2012 Unblocked Not much has changed since your previous zombie-killing spree. Your character is still on their path of destruction, smashing and grinding zombies beneath the behemoth wheels of your vehicle, but your ride has gotten a serious upgrade. You must continue your quest to eliminate the zombie hordes from the roadways in this action-packed sequel to the first two games, and you’ll be facing more of the undead than before. The controls are still the same. The upgrade system is still the same. Your vehicle, on the other hand, looks like a demon knight straight out of Hell. One could easily compare it to a garbage truck fused together with a fire engine and bedazzled with a kickass grill, but we…

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Earn To Die 2012

earn to die 2012

Earn To Die 2012 Unlike typical zombie games that have you kill the walking dead with weapons such as guns and melee weapons, sometimes even chainsaws, Earn To Die 2012 lets you kill them with your car. Players are given vehicles to upgrade with cash earned from plowing through obstacles. This customizable feature is what has made Earn To Die 2012 so popular with avid computer gamers. Admit it… your favorite part of any zombie movie is when the heroes ram into zombies with their Hummer or a large bus. Now you can run over as many zombies as you want in your very own, pimped-out vehicle! Players are given a Plain Jane vehicle to start with which requires upgrades to increase its zombie-squishing power.…

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Earn To Die 4

earn to die 4

  Earn To Die 4 Game If you have never played the Earn To Die Games, you definitely don’t like the zombie games and racing games. This unique game combines the elements of racing and zombie killing online game. The mission of the player is pretty simple to run from the city which is full of zombies. The zombies are trying to kill you, that’s why you must use your car. There are several cars in the game, all of them are pretty unsafe when you buy them. Your mission is to make them much stronger to kill crowds of angry zombies at a time. For example, your car has a rather little fuel tank, this means that you can drive a small distance and…

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Earn To Die 3

earn to die 3

  Earn To Die 3 “Earn to Die 3”-very interesting and popular game. So, imagine that you sit on a water-pressure tower, in the desert, rounded by blood-thirsty zombies ransack. You look in the field-glass in search of a rescue, when suddenly you see a helicopter in the distance. The only opportunity to escape is getting into the helicopter and leave this horror. In the beginning, you are given $500 for which you can (and have to) to buy the simplest rusty car on which it is necessary to go in the direction of the helicopter. As player reduces the distance to the helicopter and presses packs of disgusting zombies, you get money by means of which it is possible to buy very useful things…

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Earn To Die 2

earn to die 2

  Earn To Die 2 Here comes continuation of a top flash game about the zombie attack – Earn To Die 2. The cowboys seem to have made their way to helicopter, but ubiquitous zombies still create difficulties. The old soldiers should sit down in front of a steering wheel again and pass quite large distance to save their heads. What to do?! The situation simply compels to walk on already known tracks for the final destruction of all obstacles! Long-awaited Earn To Die 2 comes back with a new intriguing plot. Players are expected to see many interesting improvements of in game process, simplification of the interface and update of already familiar game objects. Each element is made more structurally and in more details.…

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