Earn To Die Unblocked

earn to die UnblockedEarn to Die Unblocked received quite tolerable animation graphics, even though it is executed in the 2D style runner. At the beginning of the game, we receive a small and unpretentious car which should be pumped over to reach the base. It is possible to improve the zombie smashing car both externally (put machine guns, turbines, and other war devices) and internally (pump over the motor and transmission).

Earn To Die - Game Plot

earn to die gamesWith every new level it is more and more difficult to overcome crowds, thus for this purpose, the game gives a choice of 8 various cars, which after full improvement turn into the ideal murder weapons. As for control, everything is just simple: buttons at the left, for car inclination control forward and back, and two buttons on the right, the first one for gas, another for turbine activation. The game turns out to be interesting and capable of tightening player for quite a long period of gameplay. There are two versions of the game, free and paid. I played the second, passing of which gave access to bonus levels.

Earn To Die Unblocked Games graphics

Now it is time to talk about graphics, music and all the rest. Typical graphics for a flash game, nothing special is present, music isn't really good, ( three or four songs which become extremely boring by the end of the game, so that it was necessary to simply switch off music and to leave only sound effects in the form of growl of the zombie, sounds of the motor and breaking boards. Without music, the game becomes more attractive. The physics in game precisely didn't pump up, barricades break as realistic, zombies scatter effectively, cars drive just add needed in driving spirit. To be brief, playing this game will remain you happy. We wish you pleasant pastime. Find information about unblocked Games 66 at school here |


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