Earn To Die 2

Earn To Die 2 Unblocked Game

earn to die 2Probably the best version of the game. Earn To Die 2 Unblocked takes all your attention, gameplay is awesome, so are the graphics. Drive through the zombie apocalypse and upgrade your ride. In Earn To Die 2 unblocked the items on a vehicle that can be upgraded include a boost propeller, a larger gas tank, upgraded tires, upgraded transmission, and a better motor. One of the more innovative upgrades that can be installed onto a vehicle is a firing weapon, which also can be upgraded throughout the game.

earn to die 2

How To Play?

earn to die 2 gameIn a garage, three cars, different from each other by technical characteristics and methods of use, are flaunted. Initially, the same sports car is available to you, but during the passing of game stages, the player has an opportunity to buy an armored military jeep the price of which is 500 dollars. We will note that the beginner can’t even earn them. It is natural that it is necessary to lay a bloody way through corpses of the zombies, but such flash game as Earn To Die 2 prepared for us a plot, pleasant to all fans of a horror genre. And here further, having saved up the sum in a size of 2500 thousand dollars, the player can purchase the bigger school bus. The power of its engine, a length of base and weight – don’t leave zombie monsters a chance to snatch from you a slice of a live flesh! Important updates of the vehicle fleet, in a direct ratio, affected an extensive increase in the list of possible modernizations of cars. The player needs to try a little to earn money. This will give a possibility to attach sharp thorns on a bumper of a vehicle, prickly subjects on a roof, chains on wheels, turbines on a luggage carrier. And also it is essential to lift parameters of engine capacity and fuel stocks. By the way, in addition to the last, give attention to this parameter from the very beginning! Although Earn To Die 2 unblocked is a nice awesome racing game, we also like to play various other android games too.

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