Earn To Die 2012 Unblocked


Earn To Die 2012 Unblocked

earn to die 2012 unblockedNot much has changed since your previous zombie-killing spree. Your character is still on their path of destruction, smashing and grinding zombies beneath the behemoth wheels of your vehicle, but your ride has gotten a serious upgrade. You must continue your quest to eliminate the zombie hordes from the roadways in this action-packed sequel to the first two games, and you’ll be facing more of the undead than before.

The controls are still the same. The upgrade system is still the same. Your vehicle, on the other hand, looks like a demon knight straight out of Hell. One could easily compare it to a garbage truck fused together with a fire engine and bedazzled with a kickass grill, but we digress. Whatever monster truck you choose (there are a select variety of vehicles; we just loved the one in the screenshot), it has the power to wipe out throngs of the undead with immense force and massive wheels. Different structures have been added for an extra challenge, and you can also launch your vehicle off of ramps to give it an extra boost.

In the end, the similarity between this game and the last doesn’t really matter. The mind-numbing premise of the game doesn’t need a large amount of variety to be entertaining, and if you liked the first game, you’ll like this one as well.



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