Earn To Die 2012


Earn To Die 2012

earn to die 2012Unlike typical zombie games that have you kill the walking dead with weapons such as guns and melee weapons, sometimes even chainsaws, Earn To Die 2012 lets you kill them with your car. Players are given vehicles to upgrade with cash earned from plowing through obstacles. This customizable feature is what has made Earn To Die 2012 so popular with avid computer gamers.

Admit it… your favorite part of any zombie movie is when the heroes ram into zombies with their Hummer or a large bus. Now you can run over as many zombies as you want in your very own, pimped-out vehicle! Players are given a Plain Jane vehicle to start with which requires upgrades to increase its zombie-squishing power. Upgrades are achieved with cash earned from previous levels; the more zombies you squash, the more points you get. Driving is easy with your computer’s directional pad controls: up to accelerate, down to brake, and left/right to tilt.

One thing is for sure: this game will never get old. Although the mobile version of Earn To Die 2012 has more extensive features, the free version is oddly satisfying and works with most internet speeds and smartphones. You’ll have loads of fun upgrading your vehicle in the game’s garage, and before you know it you’ll be a zombie-killing pro.



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