Earn To Die 3


Earn To Die 3 unblocked

earn to die 3 unblocked gameEarn to Die 3”-very interesting and popular game. So, imagine that you sit on a water-pressure tower, in the desert, rounded by blood-thirsty zombies ransack. You look in the field-glass in search of a rescue, when suddenly you see a helicopter in the distance. The only opportunity to escape is getting into the helicopter and leave this horror. In the beginning, you are given $500 for which you can (and have to) to buy the simplest rusty car on which it is necessary to go in the direction of the helicopter. As player reduces the distance to the helicopter and presses packs of disgusting zombies, you get money by means of which it is possible to buy very useful things to drip or to improve car parameters. For example, it is possible to buy acceleration, for an increase in speed (very useful piece on lifting).

Earn To Die 3 Unblocked

earn to die 3 unblockedIt is possible to get a weapon which in an automatic mode will shoot zombies, which makes it unnecessary to crash into them and lose speed. It is possible to increase the volume of a gasoline tank, purchase engine and transmission improvement to perfect the car, not to mention wheels. As for differed gameplay, there is an opportunity to buy other vehicles, more powerful cars. But the bad part is – having bought the new car, it will be necessary to buy improvements from “the new start”. The game, as they say, delivers a mass of pleasure. How quickly it tightens, small shortcomings on this background simply aren’t counted. More than that, Earn to Die 3 will be pleasant to those who liked a series of the Learn to fly (and other games of this genre). Earn to Die 3 unblocked receives the firm five.



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