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earn to die 4 unblockedEarn To Die 4 Game

If you have never played the Earn To Die Games, you definitely don’t like the zombie games and racing games. This unique game combines the elements of racing and zombie killing online game. The mission of the player is pretty simple to run from the city which is full of zombies. The zombies are trying to kill you, that’s why you must use your car. There are several cars in the game, all of them are pretty unsafe when you buy them. Your mission is to make them much stronger to kill crowds of angry zombies at a time. For example, your car has a rather little fuel tank, this means that you can drive a small distance and when you stop the zombies will attack you. If you upgrade your fuel tank, you can cover much bigger distances.

Earn To Die 4 Unblocked

earn to die 4In Earn To Die 4, which is also sometimes called Earn To Die 2014, you make some money by killing the zombies. Every time you kill a zombie some money is given to you. This money should be used for car and weapon upgrades. You can even buy new turbo engine for your car that can let you escape the town. Or you can buy a new car which is much safe than the previous one. Earn To Die 4 is not just a game where you kill zombies the game has very nice physics and graphics, that’s why even people who don’t love zombie games enjoy it. The graphics of the game is also awesome.
Earn To Die 4 unblocked is the latest version of the game. Now you have an opportunity to play it online for free at our website. Hope you will spend many great hours killing zombies and upgrading your car. Our friend – rm4



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