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Welcome to the website, where you will be able to learn more about the game, which is called Tank Trouble. If you are especially interested in shooting games, then I would say that this one is created for you, so do not lose time and start playing one of the best and most played ones in the world. Generally people are allowed to play two versions of the game, first one is the computer and the second one is against the opponent, the choice is up to you. Once you have decided, your main aim is to beat the competitor using the tank, which you have already chosen, but the most important thing is that you will face quite lots of obstacles on the road to the enemy, so make sure you pay attention to the road, cause sometimes it helps you to easily navigate the tanks. After you have taken an aim, you are free to shoot ,but the trick here is that shot will continue moving until it hits any of you, so try to avoid your ones too. From the beginning, the map is small enough that everyone has the possibility of attacking each other with one try, but soon it gets bigger and harder, that is why everyone has some kind of interest in this type of games. At the end I want to give you some information how and when the game was invented. As you know there are thousands of similar shooting ones created and developed but most percentages of them are quite hard to understand and play. So team of developers wanted to create unique and universal one for almost every age, it was first tested in 2010 and then after 6 years of hard labor, developers managed to create tank trouble with all the features which have been added are quite creative, by the way team still is working on brand new features, so you as the visitor can expect brand new features to be added In the future, by the way, if you have some ideas about the developing it, you are free to send us the email through the contact us page and we will definitely review it as soon as it is possible, once it gets approved we will start working on it to implement in real life. We do respect our daily visitors, so do not hesitate to ask us any kind of questions regarding the game.


We get thousands of emails every day, some of your customers ask us why should we play this exact game especially on your website, of course, we do have an answer to that one. We have been investigating a bunch of websites, which offer similar service but most of them are fake, and some of them do not provide high quality. Our team of engineers, programmers, and designers have tried their best to implement all the great features of the game on your website, such as online mode, but right now It is only run in beta version, so you have some time to test it, once we see our customers enjoying the RPG mode, we will definitely release it publically. Another quality that I do have to mention is HD quality of the game, if you have already visited other companies, you might see some creepy colors and movements, that is why we offer HD resolution for each and every our player. Some of our visitors have told us that they had found viruses and thousands of extra advertisements on other websites, we have done our best to secure our daily customers, so they can safely enjoy the gameplay, also while being with us, we will not bother you with extra ads, but make sure your computer is also secured because sometimes it is not our fault. The only thing that you should know is that if you find any kind of error, you can directly contact the support and they will respond you in 24 hours and deal with your problem shortly and effectively. Also, I want to mention one more crucial thing that plays a huge role in each game, you will be able to listen to the background music and all the graphics of motion is really smooth, plus you will be able to connect using any kind of personal computer, metrics really do not matter at all. If extra sound bothers you, you are able to shut it down and enjoy the every aspect of tank trouble.


The answer is pretty simple, Yes, we can because we already have some experience so we are ready to share it with our customers. By the way, almost everyone at any age can play the game, cause there are only a few keyboards used, such as arrows for navigating tank in the paths and left/right mouse for shooting the balls. It is that simple that you can teach your child in a matter of seconds. Once you learn details, you are able to pay attention to the tactic itself. The biggest advice that I can give you is that you should not really be in a hurry, cause the player who wants to take a victory over the opponent needs to be quiet, attentive and smart. Just let the enemy hurt himself, sometimes he or she shoots so many balls that’s he even is not able to reach you, so automatically just wait for the moment until it dies. Another method that everyone uses in the beginning of small maps is that the player who shots first, wins the game, cause the paths are short enough that shooting balls can easily be navigated after hitting the walls so any kind of attack means winning the game, you should also know that this one does not really work in upper levels, cause maps are too long.



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